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17 rue Pierre et Marie Curie 56400 - AURAY

Training / qualifications:

Certified neuro-pédagogue CPS QUERTANT® – Graduated in Psychology at Rennes University  II – Adherent to the introspective psychoanalysis API P. DIEL – Marital and Family Counsellor graduate of the Federation Couples and Families – Sophrologue master transpersonal relaxation therapy, Approved GESEL


Trained in psychology at the University of Rennes II, I completed these studies by other formations such as marriage and family counseling, relaxation therapy, Psychology of Motivation by Paul Diel.

In my practice, seeking to unlock the potential of the subject, I often find myself limited by problems related to nervous system function.

The proper functioning of psychic life depends on the high part of the brain but also the regulatory mechanisms of the base of the brain.

Indeed, our mental abilities, psychological, intellectual work best when all higher brain areas receive adequate nervous energy.

That is why I also propose the method of Georges Quertant.