The Quertant Method in the press

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Quertant Method – What strikes first after two or three months of training is that everything is easier, I would say natural. Difficult to realise, as this change is like going back to normal, finding not what one is but what we came to be. Rediscover the joy, energy and serenity in his life every day and feel that everything is working normally again, without having to make excessive efforts to even approach this state.

This method is not well on the solution to all ills of the Earth. But unfortunately, it relates to many people who have lost the natural ability to function normally, ie optimally.

The Quertant method does not care to cure whatever it is, the Quertant method is not a therapy, and it is not what will help to get better. No it is much more than that!

The Quertant method gives back to people who fall within its scope, the ability to live normally! This may seem odd, weird, wacky to say this, and yet it is the truth!

The government, for sixty years have allowed the Quertant method for screening and removal of functional nervous disorders.

The sphere of action of the method Quertant is disorders purely “FUNCTIONAL” with no organic or psychological substratum however small. It is therefore of pathophysiological disorders, “reactions” abnormal nervous system.

Interview of Madame Chasteau Faravel