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In our society where performance appears to be a need, emotional management is not an option but an essential element.
We are all, more or less, faced with functional disorders: sleep disorders, headaches, stress, anxiety, hypersensitivity, somatic disorders, phobias, depression, eating disorders, learning difficulties, dys conditions (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia), fatigue, difficulty concentrating…

The Quertant method for you

a method
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In the presence of psychosomatic disorders, and characterized  organic disorders that disrupt our relationship with others and our adaptation to the world, the Georges Quertant method offers an effective solution. It is hope for those who are looking for wellness.

The thought and method developed by Mr. Georges Quertant is revolutionary.
It establishes that functional disorders originate from a disorder of the central nervous system. Its uniqueness is to correlate the proper functioning of it with good coordination of visual function.

The Quertant® method is a neuro sensory training which restores nervous balance, regains sensory harmony, good autonomic functioning and cognitive behavioral response adapted to the environment.


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With a gentle not traumatic practice, The Quertant® Method allows adults as well as children, to take full possession of their full emotional and intellectual CAPACITY and TO gain SUSTAINABLE SERENITY.

For more than 80 years,

The Quertant® method demonstrated that it is a powerful personal development tool

  • It increases the powers of resilience and adaptation.
  • It also helps to optimize the intellectual potential: concentration, judgment, reasoning and will