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23 rue de Saint-Petersbourg - Paris

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23 rue de Saint-Petersbourg 75008 - Paris

Certified Neuro-Pédagogue CPS QUERTANT® – A graduate of the Euronature Institute in Naturopathy – Certified OMNES – Professional licence in Micronutrition and Public Health – University of Poitiers – State degree in Sports Education: BEEGDA – BP JEPS AGFF – Tomatis® Practitioner Certified Tomatis Development SA


Listen, support, enabling everyone to overcome the difficulties they face are what makes me progress.

My deep interest in the human being, my meetings and my years of experience led me to grow within my practice.

Sports official then Health Practitioner Naturopath, I always made sure to take into account the different components of the physical, physiological and mental health of a person.

I know the weight that may have functional disorders on the lives of my patients and that is why I provide for nearly eight years now, the Georges Quertant method.