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5 rue Dode - VOIRON

06 44 23 72 28


5 rue Dode 38500 - VOIRON

Training / qualifications:
Osteopath D.O
I work since 2010 in my office


Personally, I experienced the QUERTANT method when I was 11/12 years old. Then I got particularly interested in it professionally.

During my studies, I studied the central nervous system and how to act on it via osteopathy. In this context, I was also able to understand the limits of therapies on certain issues.

This was confirmed to me during my early years of practice. Indeed, I have found that many patients who had had a long follow-up with other therapists such as speech therapist, psychotherapist, orthoptist, Chinese medicine, osteopathy, allopathic medicine, had unresolved and / or recurring residual functional impairment.

So I decided to train myself to the Quertant Method in order to offer this therapy and practice in the Voiron region.

This method, totally objective, is a powerful therapeutic tool, I measure the impact every day on my patients.