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I am a native of Nancy and I did my high school studies in France and Italy.

My humanitarian approach and my vision of welfare which could provide for children in need, made me attentive to ways of possible therapeutic applications. It is for this purpose that I trained in Neuro-pedagogy Quertant, then Sophrology and various holistic therapies.

After gaining experience in the search of concrete solutions to the multiple problems related to psychological, physical and relational distress, I participated in several conferences on this subject, notably in Paris where I opened a multi-disciplinary firm for 11 years. My intervention with community structures led me to also perform in Italy and then in Monaco.

It was in 2008 that Miss Marguerite Quertant, daughter of the inventor of the Quertant method, decided to entrust me the humanistic mission of her father Georges Quertant. I now ensure the development, education and sustainability of the Method. I am manager of the company that owns the trademark with the INPI. I am also managing director of two other companies:

* SARL Professional Training Center, which is sole entity authorized to provide vocational training to future practitioners of the Quertant method.

* SARL Fid International Company (abbreviated SARL FIDIC) which was entrusted with the responsibility to produce the devices necessary for the application of Neuro-Pedagogy Quertant.

It is this personal and professional journey that allowed me to be designated as the representative of the Adoption Commission of the Monaco Association of Women Leaders.